Special english number

of the Mladá Pravda

for 14th World festival of youth and students, Cuba 1997


q       What is CYU?

q       Communist Youth union programme

q       The appeal of left-leaping youth of Federal republic of Germany and Czech republic

q       Difficult work in hard, primitive capitalist conditiones

q       Present conditiones of youth development in Czech republic

q       People and Flats

q       Socialism is still alive !!!

q       Globalization today (Shumann, Martin)

q       The environment

q       Letter from our left-christian friend

q       Something about demolition of Czechoslovakia


      What is CYU ?

            The Communist Youth Union was founded during 1990. It has passed over many problems and crisis. But at present time CYU is youth organization, that has clear programme and stabil kernel of members ( +-200 persons). During last years we have mentioned a raise of our members.

            CUY isn`t a organization, it`s a group of people and their way of life as well.

            To be a member of CYU doesn`t mean only demonstrating and criticizing but also working, learning, enjoying, talking and living according to laws of  friendship, solidarity, co-operation.

            To be a member of CYU means to struggle against all negative phenomenos of capitalism.

            To be a member of CYU it means everyday fighting for better human society- for socialism.


Communist Youth union programme

            CYU is an independent, voluntary, left-leaping social-politic organization. It`s based on the philosophy of Marx, Engels, Lenin and other clasics of proletarian movement.

            It endavours for liquidation of capitalism. And for creation of socialy equitable society. It means it endavours for the change of system. This efford is expressed by its name- Communist Youth Union.

            The world communist is regarded as a idol of highly organized society with social self-government. Versatile development of individual is basis for the development of the whole society.

            It`s necessary to gain public support to be able to realize this socialy equitable society- to realize socialism. And that`s why CYU is intended to participate in this action:

- to require right for work, flat, free medical-care and to reject all fees for education

- to gain more young people for the idea of socialism

- to organizate protest actions against right-leaping government steps which impact terribely upon living standard of our fellow-citizens

- to support all activities leeding to Czech and Slovak understanding

- struggle against incorporation of Czech republic into EU and NATO

- to reject german demands and efford to cancel decrets of prezident Beneš and results of Postupim conference

- to struggle against Fascism, racism and discrimination

- to require referendum in basic questions of state sovereignity

- to support CPCM as the only opposition party which make every effort to change present social system and create socialy equitable society

- to develope various international contacts with left-leaping youth organizations

- to support work with children, childrens activities, to help with organization of children camps

- to support cultural and sport activities of youth

- to organizate weekend meeting of young people and to explain them that right-leaping government brings about versatile deterioration and that a system based on rush for money can not ever ensure attainability of culture, life and art values for all people.


From International activities   of   CYU :

The appeal of left-leaping youth of Federal republic of Germany and Czech republic

Let`s be opposed to the present form of czech-german declaration

            We, members and sympathizers of left-leaping youth movements of FRG and CR, have already made Friendship and relationes of mutual co-operation. We have made contract on co-operation of progressive youth of both countries in Múnchen in october 1995.

            It`s symbolicly important that this document was signed in the same building, room and even at the same table as the Munchen agreement did. It was signed in absence of czech reprezentatives. Munchen agreement gave Czech republic off to Nazi Germany and greaded conditiones for the II. World War.

            An important role in preparation of this document had the Sudeten Germans who were fanaticized by nacis. It`s logic that after the end of the war those of them who became voluntary the German wanted to return to "their" country.

Czech -German declaration put a sign of equality between antifascist and nazis, between victims and their executioners. It doesn`t solve the question of direct indemnification to victims of fascist regime from the part of Germany. It also enable to sudeten German to put their property demand`s towards Czech republic. We will never make light of casting doubt upon Postupim conference, Czechoslowak laws and nullit of Munchen agreemen and their historicly rightfull consequences.

            That`s the reason why we would support is an acknowledgment of the unchangebility of czech borders. Relationships between these two countries have to be created on the base of friendship, common life with equal rights and guaranty of world peace.

            We, as descendants of organizers of the I. WFYS in Prague in 1947 and of the II. WFYS in Berlin in 1952, know that the most powerfull means against a war and for common life with equal rights between all nations is friendship and international solidarity.

            And that`s why we call on the youth of both nations for participation in the XIV.WFYS in Cuba.

Prague, 31.12.1996, KSM(CYU) and FDJ


Difficult work in hard, primitive capitalist conditiones

            After foundation of the Czech national preparatory committee to the XIV.WFYS we knew, we will be facing problems we can`t imagine. But the reality was harder than we had assumed. It was really difficult to find however financial support for the festival in Cuba in our absurd anticommunist conditiones.

            That`s the reason, why Czech republic has only 13-member delegation. Our delegats are especially members or sympathizers of Communist party of Czech and Moravia. We thank her for a creat financial support. Thank very much once more. Have to say that only one delegate was able to pay the whole sum- 25.000 crowns himself.

            Lack of financial support was the main reason for this number of our delegates. But we have also to say that there were a few parents who reject to give money for action taking place in Cuba.

            That`s up to them to decide what to do with their money. But we don`t agree with this attitude at all.

            Our situation was also complicated by other problems- still ganging news from the centre of International preparatory committee of XIV. WFYS:

- place of departure

- number of reservated air tickets for czech delegation

- the way and day of payment

            In this connection we would like to thank to embassy of Republic of Cuba- to charge dŕffaires Alcides de laa Rosa and his deputy Adelaida de la Peňa.

            We would like to thank also to manuel gouveiva, member of interational committee, and to Rogelio Polanco de Fuentes- head of Cuban preparatory committee for a lot of valuable informations.

            In  conclusion let us to epress best regards to all people of "the isle of liberty" from those of us who wored in CNPC but becouse of the lack of financial support couldn`t leave for festival. For all of them let us name a girl with a grat knowledge of Spain- Andrea Grígelová, or left-leaping Christian- Eduarda Holečková.

            The same regards are also sent by the head of CNPC- Miroslav Prokeš who wouldn`t be with us in festival becouse he is at his business journey in Japan with collide with festival.

            At the time of your reading of this article we will be together in Havana. We hope all our friendships had we will make in Havana will alive for a long time.



Zdeněk Štefek:

Present conditiones of youth development in Czech republic

            Care of future generations, of our successors, is one of basis aimes of society. That`s up to her to ensure, in co-operation with family, school and other institutions, possibilities of man development from birth to the old age. That`s up to her to create life-long complex system supporting human beings on their way to greater perfection.

            Contemporary right-leading government, however, has not any conception like this. Or it`s possible to consider as a conception the fact, that since 1995 have been born the least number of children in the last 200 years and so that our nation is dying. There is nothing to wondered at. Present political and economic situation (including perspectives offered to young people) doesn`t prosper to our society.

            To bring up children at the time of raising in prices of basic children necessities, of absolute lack of flats, at the time of minimal support of young families and broken families, require a real sisyphean spirit.

            Struggle for surviving, howevew, doesn`t end with this factors. Prices of nurseries reach the sum of about 1000 crowns per month, their number has been increasingly droping.

            Nurseries were taken turns by private baby-care agencies. There is only a few nursery places from the original 80.000 ones.

            In comparsion with 1989 there is a 11,4 per cent drop of kinder-gartens. The call for them is, however, four-times greater than in 1989. The number of school-cafateries has dropped of 14, per cent, the number of children in recreation rooms is lower of a fifth.

            Discinited system of subject matter at primary and secondary schools bring about a great differences in education level. A lot of private schools have been closed for various reasons which harm their students. A third reduction of secondary schools is planned. Our government would like to bring school-fees into a place, not only at universities, and other fees for education. Prices of halls of residence are rised. Educational system of Czech republic, reputable all over the worls before 1989, is breaking down.

            The number of free-time centers for children and youth has dropped of 20 per cent. Restitutions and private enterprise brought about stealing of propery of SYU ( Socialist Youth Union ) and other organisations which should have been intended for children and youth.

            On the other hand there is a great  raise of crime-rate, vandalism, burglaries and murders committed by youth. Drugs are widely spred at primary achools, childrens prostitution developes, racism is increasing. Organised crime-rate of youth is also raising. Youth gangs include whole housing-estates very often. There is a raise of 26 per cent in wards of reformatory prison centers.

            General americanization of youth is shown in suppresion of national pride and in promotion of consume "western" style of living. Cultural life of young people shifts to pubs, bars, discos, gambling rooms and in front at TVs and videos. Between 1988 and 1993 the number of books borrowed in libraries dropped of 34 per cent and this tend is continuing. There is also a great drop of cinema- and concert-goers and ZOO visitors...

            But the crisis appears in other resorts as well. The system of  stomatologist care has broken. Drink water stopped to be fluorised which brought about a rapid raise of dental diseases of the whole population.

            General crisis of medical care, raise in prices of medicaments and financial participation of patiens have a lot to do with young people. Diseases annuled by prevention during last years have appeared again.

            Decisive value of young people is power of money and theirs success. On the other hand there is a shameless raise in prices of fuels and transport. Pupil`s railway, tram and bus tickets at reduced prices were cancelled. In 1993 the number of people travelling  by bus was 30 per cent lower than in 1989. Such reduction appeared in railway transport as well. The costs of living for young people has been increasingly raised. Great social differences between young peple has appeared in recent times again.

            Young people stopped to be interested in the world, they are apathic to politics. Those more meditative of them are falling down into a pitfall of diferent sects and destructive cults. They are victims of lies and half-truths produced by factories of the information monopoly.

            Aggressiveness, violence and intolerance are present trends of youth. Who is, however, blame for ? Young people are not born with this characters ! Who ?

            Families, society are professing this values. Values which prefer dollar, mark and crown to hand-shaking, values which prefer animal competition and rapacity to friendship and co-operation.

            But is this really a good prosperition ? No !

            System paying no attention to problems mentioned in this speech doesn`t make basis for the future.

            It`s necessary to know that our future society will look like our youth today.        

            And society with this scale of values will never have a good future.


Jan Braniš: people and Flats

            Between 1948 and 1989 were built about 2.201.000 flats. . In average it means 52.000 flats per year.(11 thousand in the beginning, maximal number was reached in 1975-97.000 flats). Their area, standard and facilities were increasingly raising. The change appeared in 1990 when any house construction were not begun and the number of unfinished flats brought down.

            In 1993, 31.500 flats were finished. threee years later only 14.000 flats. (6000 of them were family houses) Nowadays, flats are not built for common people.

            All flats and houses are built "to key". They are terribely expensivs so that only wealthy people can afford them.

            Today`s alarm question is:

        Where should young family live ??


Gottwald Josef: Socialism is still alive !!!

            I pertain to people who were elected as CJU representatives of Czech republic to WFYS Cuba`97.

            As one of the most important festival ains I regard deeper acquaitance with the work of youth organisations, political situation and problems of young generation in particular countries. World peace establishing, endavour for respectation of self-determination rights and their equitable order in the spirit of internacionalism and ensurance of happy life for present and future generations is the main sense of our work. In short- to re-establish socialism in our country, Europe and the world as well.

            Our generation was lucky to be born in socialist country. We are fully aware of the fact that all socialists positives had to be hardly fought in difficult struggle by our ancestors. We want to follow up with revolutional traditions of workers and youth movement. For all that socialism was interrupted in our country for any time. I strongly belive in his renovation in higher form. WFYS schould be a place for talking about good and bad experiences with socialism. We will analyze the presents and look for solution.

            I`m comming from worker family and I was a worker myself till recent time. Present circumstances led me to politics. As the most important things I regard to defend worker class interests and to put across creation of society which will respect and defend rights of workers and youth and struggle against the supremacy of international capital.

            One necessary precondition is gaining of natural authority for communist party and creation of government which will defend read democracy and will of people.

Socialism is still alive in our hearts and minds and so it can`t ever be defeated !!!


Roman Janouch:

Dear friends, comrades, brothers and sisters, dear colleagues

            Let me recire my statement in which I`d like to cast doubt upon development and situation our planet on it`s way to the third millennium. I`m convinced that just journalist so called the seventh power are able to influence its future appearance. It depends on the way how we will address our spectators, readers and listeners. If we let them to reconcile with the situation and if we let them to rest on their laurels in absolute positivity or if we decide to change their passive attitude to public affa`rs or at least provoke them to any activity.

            Some of you have already seen the book of Hans Peter Martin and Herald Schumann called Globalizations salle. In our republic will be published in Autunm. Nevetherless I have had the opportunity to study its first capture published in magazine dealing with politology, history and philosophy called " the papers". It describes so called "fifth of society" (I have to say we are its members) and summarize feelings of those who have realistic view of development of contemporary world. Yes, this decades we begin to come back before two thousand years to 18.century. It was the time when the church and nobility whose predecessors had usurped dower in illegal and illegimate way ordered development of society and I`m not affraid of telling, exploit the great majority of resting poor people. But it`s not a coincidence that low and middle class only went for the left-over of noble and church living to the detriment  of remainder inhabitantes.

            At that time (middle-age and modern period), however, it was very easy for the pejors to keep a watch on the rest of people. They were affraid of the good and putting up with their destiny, later on the enlightenment came which was able to face this religious reactionary. And with it, in our conditiones cancelling of the most cruel of jesuitism.

            French revolution, as a logic consequence of the objective adjustment of the mirror of social life by philosophers of the revolution began two-century lasting struggle of worker inteligence against their exploiters.

            The struggle accompanying unfortunately by two world wars but struggle witch, in the 20 century, increased the living standard of those who drudge for minorities cream of society without however character. The only reward of their work was light`s lodging and food. The struggle which managed to increase principe of soliddarity and co-operation to concrete respectable level, the struggle which produced more equitable social system- socialism.

            It`s representatives, so called "eastern block", however, didn`t stand up to the pressure and destructive opposition and fell down. There were a lot of causes of it`s breakdown but I haven`t time to talk about them. It happened and, tell us the truth, positions of inhuman capitalism, factory owners, concerns but also managers and businessmen were strenghtened.

            The reinforcement of system which prefer consume style of living and destroy successors of later worker intelligence to bring them back to apathy, impotence, despar and resignation. These characters are very favourable to the cream of society I have mentioned at the time before the industrial revolution.

            And so according to H.P.M. and H.S. 20 per cent of able to work in habitantes should be enough so that the world economy could hold its rate of growth. More manpowers will not be necessary. The fifth of all people looking for work will be enough to produce all products and to ensure all necessary services available for global society. These 20 per cent will have possibility to live, earn and consume.

            They will be independent on the state which they live in. This number could be more of one or two per cent. This could be people who inherited something. According to the author of the book by Jeremy Rifkin called The end of work eighty per cent of productive age people will not have a work and will be in real great troubles. Future question is- to have lunch or be lunch. There is a lot of people who could long for common life without struggling for surviving all over the world. In new society of more wealthy countries will be no middle-class- there is nobody struggling against.

            Why ? Since it is under the influence of tittyainment ( american slang expression for women bosom). This world expressed by Zbygniev Brzezinski for the first time, should express a try of the fifth combinated by cold-hearted amusement and sufficient food to keep these frustated people in harmles mood. But it`s true in any time there will be a lot of people cleaning streets for null reward or helping in household of rich people for light`s lodging. Are you recalling something or not ? And the explanation ?

            Globalization. Modern system of communication, low transfer freights and free business create the only market from the whole world which leads to greater competition in labour market. Not only german firms will create new labour places in cheaper foreign countries and what about the products brought by globalization and manorial labour- short age of the time when we should get the whole salary during our illness, canceling of protection against notice, canceling of some social welfare and shortage od salaries even if the productivity is raising.

            According to H.P.M. and H.S. nobody needs special economic education to be able to understand the situation. Capitalism is again developing 113 years after the death of Carl Marx.

            Marx`s description of capitalism- general tend of capitalist production isn`t a try to raise salary but to drop. He didn`t suppose that capitalism should be ever regulated by democratic social system. And look- it managed- for some time.

            The role of progressive journalist is to bring up our readers by articles and commentaries to describe their situation. People should stop to watch Dallas and Denver and should be oriented to psychological films and theatre performance.

            We would like all forms of leasure time and entertaiment to let people to co-operation and solidarity.




Silvie Nejedlá:

The environment

Relationships between the world of people and the nature of the planet sustaining them, were radically changed during this century.

            At the beginning of this century neither human population nor technology has such power to be able to make a considerable change of planet system. At present times people and their activities have this power and so in consequences of ill- judged people activity (consequent up on their still increasing run after profits) we can see irreversible changes of atmosphere, soil, water, changes between plants and animals and between one another. A lot of people and  nations are terrified by the environmental situation and they are trying to solve this problems by political programs. But it`s impossible to avert ecological crisis.

            The unevenness between developing countries and world powers endangers our planet future. Developing countries are facing life perill problems of pollution, deforestation and the environment is "destroying" by their own powerty. Industrial countries are endangered by perill waste, sour rains, toxic chemicals and nuclear weapons.

            Today we can`t talk about the environment bettering but about the recourse of our planet. The call to find a waz of tenable development should and to find new forms of international co-operation. Critical surviving problems could be seen in uneven development, povertz of developing countries and in rapid population growth. These factors bring about pressure to soil, water, forests and other natural recourses.The fate of mankind of our planet is conditional on international co-operation and resolution of political actiones. Thanks to them we will be able to ensure enduringlz tenable development and mankind surviving. It`s important to realize that ecological development and economic development couldn`t be separeted.

            Points of departure from this threatening situation:

- to provide education to all people and the possibility to decide about the size of their families

- to ensure nourishment for growing population

- to build up wildlife preserves and better the care of them

- to increase energetic effect and support research of ecologicly unexceptionable alternatives

- to superintend the export of agricultural and industrial chemicals from the point of their safety, to tighten up control of perill waste seating

- to direct urbanisation process, to support countryside development (it means to change direction of transport, medical-care, industrialization and agriculture)

- to restrict armament

- to increas part of the general public in the environment protection

- to evalute and announce risks of irreparable damage of nature systems

- to inform the general public about the environmental state of affaires

- to leed effective legislation in the field of environment

- to invest into projects restricting pollution

            From the point of enduringly tenable development the situation is getting worse in Czech republic. Whichever capitalist  government is based on consumentarism and liquidation of the system of basic social welfare (excluding of the term of enduringly tenable development is out of keeping with the law of environment). After 1989 (after comming of government based on worsening of social welfare and money cumulation) there are a few negative elements making the environment worse:

- absolute ignoration of general public participation in environmental protection for government`s part

- an increase of noise weight for Czech republic inhabitants

- an increase of road transport share ( in consider of bus and railway liquidation), increase NO2 occurrence and consequent environmental damage

- an insufficient protection of forest and agrarian resources

- an insufficient control of food products

- countryside evacuation in consequence of liquidation of transport, medical care, agriculture and industry

- an insufficient protection of wildlife preserves

            Present government protects the environment becouse of the pressure from EU countries. It doesn`t care of its nation necessities. It ignores public opinion and different ecologic activities. After enterning EU our republic will be in Jeoparty of overwhelming of perill wastes and low- quality food products. If we enter NATO we can expect analogical situation. Our government is willing to expend miliards on our acceptance instead of their donation to the environment protection.

In conclusion it`s possible to say that the situation of nature components is little bit better but it`s brought about by the depression of production after 1989. The situation is much more worse from the point of enduringly tenable development.


Eduarda Holečková:

Dear young friends,

            I would like to share with you some of my experiences, which I have lived during my activity in the left-leaning Christian movement in the Czech republic. Firstly I have to admit, that there are not enough young Christians between us. In most of the cases the Czech Christians are of the mid-age or even more. In the Czech republic only exist two Christian organisations, that troop the young left-leaping Christians (and not only the truly Christians, but also the people, who cogitate in Christianism- those, that we like to meet and which have a close relation with the Christianism, even though they do not believe i nGod), and these in total have about a hundred of people, and out of these only ten are younger than thirty-five years. And ten more young-ones, who at least discuss with us.

            Most of the Christians in the Czech republic are right winged, and they are very intolerant, so the left-winged ones have a lot of problems in the parish, in their church boards and if they want to become preachers (this one mainly).

            This paragraph only served for explaining of the actual situation, but now back to our proper activities. The movement, which I am foundress and chairperson of, is called The Movement for the Fair Society And Love To The Fellowman.

This movement was founded almost six years ago. Our doing could be divided in three main branches- the social, clerical and the enlightenment one. Firstly to the clerical branch. Twice a month- always before the movement meeting- we have a prayer mid-hour. Four times a year we have a prayer renovation, which lasts for about twelve hours. During this time we try to linger in the light of the Bible over the problems of the modern world which we present to ourselves and to the God. Twice a year (in the advent and the Lenten season) we organize an ecumenical worship. Regrettably only few of us do participate at this events, nevertheless I still assume that they are the basic and necessary ones ( we cannot built anything without the base of God).

            To the question which is related to the enlightenment bid. We organize various prelections, meetings, ceilidhs, walks, we issue a magazine Person To Person, People To People...

            We also link to the activities of the other bigger organizations ( like the fight against the entrance to the NATO, for referendum...) We make discussions with different political parties and movements, even with the non-political organizations about the visage of the fair society and the way how we could conquest her.

            For example we fret a lot that in the Czech republic there is not a left-leaping party which wouldn`t "play" with the social-market economy; even the Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia has in its program a paragraph which talks about the assistance to the middle entrepreneurs( not only the smaller ones); so at least we discuss about it. Talking about the social part of our actuation, I have to mention that twice a year we organize a free-clothes-market, which usually is traeted very well, and also some smaleer events that until now had been very successful.

            I would say that it is all to our doings. Concerning our future plans, we would like to found some kind of bootstrap web of free services including the "free markets".

            We also think in creating of some collective house( community). But all of these ideas are only the music of the future, because the rent of some room (or buying of a house) costs a lot of money, and we are really poor.

            The second organization which syndicate the left-leaping young Christians is called the Christian Dialogue and it concentrates itself mainly to the enlightening activity (prelections, ceilidhs..). It issues its own magazine Notes. Once a year it holds a one-week seminar.

            The members of both organizations cooperate in most of the events ( a big number of us are members of both of these). We pray together, w egive advises each other, we work together.. We also have common fruition of something (e.g. if one person wakes up itself politically), but we have more common preoccupations, but we fight and HOPE...

            We will gladly accept your experiences, advises, ideas, cooperation, help, new contact..




            POSTE RESTANTE,

            Jindřišská 14,

            110 00 Praha 1,

            Czech Republic  )


Something about demolition of Czechoslovakia

            I have chosen an essay about demolition of Czechoslovakia, the country in the heart of Europe, as a topic of my contribution.

            As you  certainly know, there are  two relative new states  in Europe:ŤCzech  republic  and  Slovak  republic.  They  have  existed since the January  1st  1993.  The  state  of  first  President  professor Tom  Garrigue  Masaryk,  doctor  Edvard  Beneš  and  Major  Milán Rastislav Štefánik,  which aspired  expressivly  to  creation of  prosperous and peaceful Europe after his foundation, has expired.

Dr. Edvard Beneš, one of the  most significant statesmen of all times, wether he was  a Foreign Secretary or the  Chairman of the Association of  nations,  or  a  second  President  of Czechoslovakia, also called President-the Builder,  faced the problems that  only some politicians would  solve as  he did.  I mean  Munich 1938,  Second World  War with restoration of Czechoslowakia, but also the February 1948.

Last regim with Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in its head not only keep  our state,  but in  1968 passed  Federal Law,  which should have weaken Prague  position to regions  should have contribute  to greater democracy  in  crucial  authorities  of  self  -  governmened  system. Socialist system had  also its fauls. We could  see them especially inrestriction of human rights. Even  if  it exagerrated nature defence of its establishment...

            So Czechoslovakia and people of  this beautiful country from Šumava to High Tatras lived to see the great change in November 1989. The events of 1989  are something called  "The Velvet Revolution".  But there was not any revolution.  It was an agreement between  disidents and a part of communistic  power in fact. People,  who a power and  did that they are communists, but in fact they  wern't, gave the power to the others with the words: let us forget the  past, we will help you and you will help  us. Some  of us  in  CSFR  hoped that  special practices  of the communistic  totalition will  be  replaced  by democracy  of Citizen's Forum. But it was only a cruel joke.

            But  our disappointment  was enormous,   when we  found out,  that the excommunists had got to the power by changing the color of their party costume. Instead of democracy our country is overruled by anarchy.

            Instead of employees, participation in the ownership, ICF has dictated to us obsolete monetary capitalism of  the 19th century and instead of developtment a decadence not only in values of production. The capital punishment  was  abolished  also  for  exceptional  cases  of  bestial murders.

            We  have got on the  top of the imaginary  world's glacier of criminality.

There is such a  big amount of mistakes that have been  made that if I would name them, we could sit here  till next day. They are so useless we are  sometimes in doubt  if they weren't  purposeful. The situation concerning separation of Czechoslovakia just confirmed it.

            People, who weren't useful for this republic in any way, who didn't do anything  for  its  developtment,  but  on  the  contrary these people destroyed  Czechoslovakia and  hundred of  years old  fight, in  which thousands of them died for better future of next generations.

            Then some self-invited and unprincipled people came and they told each other  that  they  cover  problems  and  logical  failure of so called "economic reform"  by separation. They  utilized the effort  of Slovak people for getting  on international scene and against  the will of 70 % of  Czech  and  Moravians  and  80  %  of  Slovaks they separate our republic.

            They rejected  referendum and made  this separation after  74 years of common existence  invalid and unconstitutional. They  made it in style "about us but without us". But  separation of Czech and Slovaks is, as we hope, impossible.

            Czechoslovak citizens didn't want this separation and referendum would prove it best. Referendum was uncomfortable,  and today we can see the same situation in question of entrance to NATO and European Union too, for  powerful people  of this  country. But  we prepare restoration of Czechoslovak home  in the Clubs  of czechoslovak policy,  co-operation and friendship.

See you soon, Czechoslovakia!

Roman Janouch , organization secretary of Czech Chamber of Czecho-Slovak Committee