5000 delegates are expected from the Middle East, for example from Egypt, Iraq and Mauritania 150, Syria and Yemen 250, Tunisia 350 and Libya and Morocco 500.

In May in Libya, took place, promoted by the General Union of Arab Students, a consultative meeting of Arab Student Organizations regarding the Festival, with the presence of 43 National Organizations.




Establishment of National Preparatory Committee (NPC)

In accordance with the festival tradition in promoting unity, youth, student, syndical and other organisations willing to participate in the 15th WFYS should coordinate among themselves to establish an NPC in their country. The NPC should inform the IOC on its establishment, composition, name of responsible person(s) and contact addresses (phone, fax, e-mail). The NPC should appoint its coordinator/convener/chairman to keep contact with the International Organising Committee.

The NPC is responsible to mobilise youth and students in respective country for the 15th WFYS, to prepare a national delegation and its participation in Festival activities.

In case of the non-existence of NPC in a given country, any youth and student organisation, who share the objectives of the 15th WFYS, can initiate the establishment of the NPC.

Application for participation in the 15th WFYS

Application for attending the 15th WFYS should be submitted by the NPCs or organisations to the IOC and/or Algerian NPC for ratification by the IOC. The application should state clearly full name of delegate, sex, date and place of birth, passport number, date and place of issued, name of NPC/organisation, name and signature of responsible person from respective NPC/organisation, place he/she would like to apply for entry visa.

The application can be sent by mail, fax, or by official e-mail of the respective NPC/organisation before July 31st, 2001 as the latest.


One week after submission of the application, delegate can apply for visa at Algerian consular office in their respective country. According to the agreement between Algerian NPC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria, the entry visa for Festival delegate will be exempted from fees.

In case no Algerian consular office in your country or nearby, the visa can be granted upon arrival in Algeria. But you need to inform the Algerian NPC in advance and get their written confirmation before departure. That will facilitate your travel to Algiers.

International transportation

Delegates should arrange and bear the cost for their international transportation to and from Algiers themselves. Financial assistance will be provided only to limited number of delegates from countries/organisations in special difficult situation and they will be informed before departure to Algiers.

Passenger service charge at Algiers airport is included in ticket's price .

Participation fee

Participation fee will be as follow:

Participation fee can be paid to Algerian NPC before or upon arrival of the delegate(s). The said participation fee will cover accommodation, meals and local transportation for all delegates who arrive in Algiers starting from August 4 and depart from Algiers not later than August 20, 2001. The expenditure for additional stay before August 4 or after August 20 should be born by delegates themselves.



How the Centers will work?

  1. Main objectives of the Thematical Discussion Centers are to exchange opinions, information and work experiences of participants on the issues under discussion at the Center; to collect initiatives and proposals for joint actions by youth and students to address these issues. Each Center will last 2 days, start with introduction by the Presidium, key-note speech(es) by resource person(s), continue with interventions by participants and end with the approval of the Report of the Center and List of proposed actions/activities. All written contributions to the discussion at the Center will be included into Festival files.
  2. Discussion at each Centers from No 1 to No 4 will be conducted by a Presidium consists of 8 members: one representative per region, one representative from international organisations and one representative from the host NPC. The list of members of Presidium will be proposed to the participants by the International Organising Committee (IOC) based on proposals from regions, international organisations and the host NPC. The Presidium may invite dignitaries or experts to join them in conducting the Sessions.
  3. The Report of the Center is to reflect the main content of discussions at the Center. The Report will be prepare by the Drafting committee consists of the Presidium and 5 other members nominated from 5 regions.
  4. In order to guarantee equal access of all national delegations to the Thematical Discussion Centers, the entry cards will be distributed to each delegation for taking part in each of the Center. Number of entry cards per delegation will be based on the number of delegations who expressed their interests to participate in the given Center as well as number of seats equipped with translation in each hall. Entry cards will be distributed to delegations by the IOC through each IOC regional commission. Each delegation will be provided seats in the hall with the name plate of their country or organisation.
  5. In order to provide opportunity for all delegations to take part in the discussion, oral presentation of each delegation should not be more than 7 minutes.
  6. Official working languages in all Centers will be English, Arabic, French and Spanish. Simultaneous translation will be provided during the Sessions.
  7. At each Session, the Presidium will collect all proposal for actions suggested by participants. In case there are similar or contradicting proposals, the Presidium may request the concerned delegates to consult among themselves in order to arrive to the

joint agreed proposals. The Closing Session will summarise all proposals suggested. These proposal will be reflected in the Festival Documents.

What should be done by national delegations for preparation to participate in Thematical Discussion Centers?

  1. To inform the IOC before July 31, 2001 on which Center(s) your delegation is interested to participate in.
  2. To prepare your contribution for discussion in written. The written intervention can be distributed for press. To facilitate the work of reporters, you may highlight most important part(s) of the intervention that you want to be quoted. Please, handover your written intervention to the Presidium of the Center.
  3. If you want to make any proposals for future actions, please prepare them in written and hand over to the Presidium.
  4. If your delegation has people who is capable and interested in conducting the discussion, please indicate to the IOC he/her name and the Center he/she would like to perform this task. The IOC will carry necessary consultation before finalising proposal for composition of the Presidium.

International Organising Committee